Quick start

Deploy sample AI model using syndicai platform

In the following quick start we will register, deploy and run face recognition algorithm.

1 - Prepare a model

Download model and compress into .zip file
  1. Download sample-models repository.

  2. Go to face_recognition directory and compress files using .zip or .rar file extension.

2 - Register on the platform

Log in to the platform and register a model
  1. Go to Platform Login with your credentials (If you don't have credentials please sign up for the early access).

  2. In the Register page upload your compressed file with previously downloaded face recognition algorithm.

  3. Fill the form with following data:

    1. Model name: Face recognition

    2. Description: Recognize David Beckham face on the image

    3. Input type: Image

    4. Output type: Image

  4. Press Register

3 - Deploy

Deploy a model
  1. In your face recognition model page click Deploy model.

  2. When you notice following information at the bottom of the screen please wait about 15min because this is the time when all magic happens.

  3. Model will be ready when status pending will switch to deployed.

4 - Run

Run model on the platform
  1. Go to Inference (menu on the left) in your model page.

  2. Upload some image and click Run Prediction.