What is syndicai

AI deployment & integration platform

Our Mission

Syndicai is on the mission to simplify the process of making AI models accessible and usable to developers & designers. No middleman, no deep tech knowledge required. Just get a simple way from a model to actual use case, with drag & drop mechanism and a click of a button.

syndicai is responsible for the last steps of the whole AI workflow

How it works?

Magic behind this approach can be described in three simple steps:

  1. Register & Deploy The idea is that you just Drag & Drop any trained AI model on the platform which automatically recreates the environment of your model and prepare for usability.

  2. Integrate You just get a code snippet generated by the platform which can be copy & paste on the web page, website or some app.

  3. Run Last step is Running a model. Syndicai is responsible for scalability, versioning, monitoring and security in order to lower barrier for new AI makers.

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